Performance of Production Systems

Industrial Performance area :
run by Vincent MARLINGE (Director GTO EMEA Axle Plant – Volvo)
“I agreed to make my contribution to this action, which appears to me to be essential and formative for the automotive industry in Rhône-Alpes. (…) In a changing environment, I hope that this committee performance, consisting of industrial and trainers, provides solutions directly operational, allowing everyone to improve its competitiveness”

Our actions Performance :

To strengthen the industrial performance of companies in Rhône-Alpes, our Cluster provides actions in the field of Lean Manufacturing through trainings and conferences : discover the Lean course in Rhône-Alpes

Every year, Rhône-Alpes Automotive Cluster is conducting an investigation on industrial performance of companies in the automotive industry. This national survey is conducted by the regional associations in the automotive industry (ARIA) and the Platform for the Automotive Industry (PFA). It wishes give a more accurate visibility on performance and potential for progress in business.

Objectives of Lean Club :

> An exchange on programs and the implementation of LEAN approach
> Visits to workshops
> Tutoring of SMEs (opening training or internal coaching …)